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You probably heard of Lina Morgana in 2010 when Ysan Roche was about to sue Lady Gaga for plagiarism?Well, if you didn't, let me give you a quick summary from

In 2007 New Jersey producer Rob Fusari – who'd worked with acts like Destiny's Child, Will Smith and Beyonce – brought into his studio a young singer from Staten Island named Lina Morgana. Morgana, the child of recently divorced Russian immigrants, was looking to launch a career in music. To write material for her, Fusari brought in another local ingĂ©nue, Stefani Germanotta – who would later become known to the world as Lady Gaga – a privileged Manhattanite who began studying music at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts while only 17. Fusari had first met her when trying to put together what he termed "a female version of The Strokes."
At Fusari's studio, Morgana and Germanotta wrote and recorded about a dozen songs together. None were released commercially, though the song "Wunderland" (with back-up vocals by Gaga) has been leaked to YouTube.
In preparation for what she believed would be her debut record, Morgana shot videos and began posing for publicity stills wearing lingerie, outlandish wigs, platform shoes – all which would later become Gaga staples (and, to be fair, all of which had been staples of the club kid scene for at least a decade). It was around this time that Germanotta began morphing into Lady Gaga, a moniker given her by Fusari, and recording her debut solo album.
Morgana's tracks were never released. Gaga's album The Fame dropped on August 19, 2008, raced up the charts, and would go on to sell 12 million copies.
Lina Morgana, meanwhile, committed suicide at 19 by jumping off the roof of a Staten Island hotel on October 4, 2008.
The hoax was created at the same time when artist Ysan Roche contacted several press  authorities in New York, NY about being plagiarized by Lady Gaga and her team. Lady Gaga,  RobFusari and Wendy Starland created the Lina Morgana story as a cover-up of how they manufactured Lady Gaga
with Ysan Roche's character. They also took huge "inspiration" from Roisin Murphy who later made it known in the press and damaged Gaga's reputation severely.
Also several years ago, there wasn't much about Lina online.
But when people became suspicious, they made more of an effort to launch videos about the manufactured Morgana hoax and the she was either an actress or an unfortunate artist whose career was never launched.
In fact, we do believe she is still alive, not a real singer and most probably living somewhere in Russia getting paid regularly.
We attempted to locate and talk to the mother (whose name is apparently Yana Morgana - which proves the lack of imagination of those morons again) and carried out a huge amount of research but were not able get hold of neither the police reports nor any decent documents regarding the case.  We encountered a couple of people who appeared disturbingly intimidated when we retrieved them and nobody agreed to meet with us in person.
Meanwhile, you can watch a few videos that appear to be very fishy if you watch attentively. But they seriously assert this is an authentic performance of Lina.  If you are bright, you will easily detect, there is no true audience and she is by all means lip-syncing if you take a closer look. The clapping audience at the end sounds artificial, just like from an audio file in a recording studio.

By the way, did you ever hear of crisis actors? Who get compensated to remain quiet about government cover-up stories. Pretty common in the US and probably also Germany and the UK.
The videos of Lina look as if they have been produced in Russia and they are of extremely low quality compared to the videos with Fusari or Gaga.
Now watch this video in which they believe people are so stupid to think Gina Gershon is Lina Morgana.
And the idiots below comment "Lina, I love you so much!"

Here more about Gina Gershon Lina must have aged rapidly after seeing how stupid people are as Gina is in fact 53 years old.

Gina Gershon 2011.jpg

Now watch this Video and be aware that you will NEVER see Lina together with Fusari with an unblurred face.
There are also no pictures of her and Gaga together in which Lina doesn't look down or hides her face. The narrator seems to be of Russian origin.
It looks as if tLina Morgana was a Russian actress (did you ever hear of crisis actors?) who was compensated to remain quiet. The videos of Lina look as if they have been produced in Russia and they are of extremely low quality compared to the videos with Fusari or Gaga.
Look at 12:25 in the video where they actually show actress Gina Gershon:-)AGAIN for a second and claim it is Lina Morgana. Like in the above video, so it wasn't just a mistake. Listen how they claim again that she played a role in a popular American Show (which is Gina Gershon again).

Can one be more obvious about a hoax?

The truth is that Lady Gaga stole her persona from YSAN ROCHE and keeps plagiarizing her music, fashion, life stories and persona until today.
The Lina Morgana hoax was arranged to deceive people and discredit Ysan Roche's allegations about Lady Gaga especially towards the press. It was indeed set up extremely well overtime, but on the other hand not well enough to not be able to dismantle it.
Have a look at the early Ysan Roche before she launched her Myspace Career as a "Beautiful Monster" in 2008. Ysan was  attracted to the darkness and some of her songs were about depression and her relationship heartbreaks. Ysan Roche and Lina indeed even look inconceivably similar.